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Welcome to the Ride and we look forward to a pleasant company during the ride. In case you are cancelling from this event and you (or we) are able to find a replacement for you, then your complete money will be refunded or will be passed on to your next ride. Note, in case the replacement is found, it does not matter when you cancel, even if you cancel the last day and we find replacement, we shall refund the complete amount.

What happens if a replacement rider is not found?

Case1: If your cancellation is before one week of the ride(before Saturday 00:00 hrs of the previous week), then we are sure to refund 50% of your amount.

Case2: If your cancellation is before 3 days of the ride(before Wednesday 00:00 hrs of the ride week), then we cannot refund the amount, but we shall pass on 50% of your amount to the next ride.

Case3: If you are cancellation is after Wednesday 00:00 hrs on the ride week, then we shall not be able to refund any amount nor we shall be able to pass your amount to the next ride.